Where Angels Walk: Traveling angels

One of Angela W’s 17-year-old twin sons lived with her in California, and the other was attending college in Phoenix. The boys were very close and were now arranging to meet at their sister’s home in Orange County, a midway point involving about eight hours travel for each of them.

Angela had reluctantly agreed and sent a prayer to both boys’ guardian angels to protect them on their journeys, an action she had taken often during her years as a single parent. Keith, the son who lived with her, set out in his car. At about the same time Kenneth left Phoenix on his motorcycle. Both had promised to call Angela the moment they arrived at their sister’s home.

At about nine o’clock that night, Keith checked in by phone. He had arrived safely in Orange County, but no one had heard from Kenneth, and his cell calls were not going through. Angela started to fret. Where was he? Had he gotten involved in an accident or breakdown in the desert? Her heart was pounding as she paced back and forth, finally ending up at her bedroom door.

“In despair, I knelt by the bed,” she said, “and suddenly a vision appeared before me on the door, as clear as any picture I have ever seen. I can see it today just as I did then—Kenneth on his motorcycle on the southern California freeway, surrounded by cars, lights, congestion and crazy drivers—slowly moving northward and looking for a turnoff to his sister’s, terrified because he was alone, vulnerable and probably lost…”

And following him, no, surrounding him, was a multitude of angels, hovering on every side, clearly protecting and guarding him from all danger.

Angela’s fear abruptly left her, replaced by a grateful peace. God was here, she knew. There was no need to worry. As the vision faded, she arose—to the sound of the telephone’s ring. It was Kenneth checking in. He had arrived safely at his sister’s house, and the entire family was ready to celebrate.

Several days later, still pondering the vision, Angela mentioned it to her son. “At that time in his life, Kenneth was not especially pious,” she said. “So, I was astonished when he admitted that at some point on the journey he had become convinced that guardian angels were all around him, keeping him safe as he traveled.”

Angela’s vision and Kenneth’s confirmation strengthened the entire family’s faith in God and His love. “I always feel the presence of spirits now,” said Angela.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if angels surrounded us whenever we traveled? Why not invite them along, and see what happens?

Joan’s new book Where Angels Walk is the 25th Anniversary Edition, available now at Loyola Press.
Joan Wester Anderson has written many books on angels and miracles.
She can be reached at P.O. Box 127, Prospect Heights, IL 60070.

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