Where Angels Walk: A spiritual connection

On the day Amy Pruitt’s little boy was born, the doctors were grim. Baby Cory had so many physical problems that he was not expected to live past a few hours.

“Don’t even hope,” Amy’s doctor told her, trying to prepare her for the worst.
But Amy was hearing a different voice inside her. “Somehow, I knew that despite his difficulties, Cory would be healthy,” she said.

And her son did make a miraculous recovery. He was deaf, but this did not intimidate Amy. “I had always heard that deaf children were easy to raise,” she said. And Cory’s life seemed to prove it. He was a bright, sunny little guy, with what seemed to be a deep spiritual connection.

When Cory was about eight years old, he asked his mother if she remembered when he was a sick newborn. “How could I forget?” Amy asked. “Well,” Cory said, “I saw Jesus then.” It was a wonderful story. But could she believe it?

A few years later, Cory fell through the ice on a river, but ended up safely on shore, with no explanation of how he got there. Later, he told Amy that an angel had picked him up and placed him on the shore. Amy had goosebumps. The evidence supported Cory’s statement perfectly.

“Last year, a five-year-old friend of ours was in intensive care with a ruptured spleen,” Amy recalled. “I asked Cory to pray for him.” A few hours later, Cory came to his mother. “He looked as if there was a glow of some sort around him,” she said.

“I just finished talking to God,” Cory told her. “That little kid is going to be fixed.”

The next day the boy was fine. The bleeding had mysteriously stopped in the night.

A few months later, Cory’s grandmother had a massive stroke and it seemed hopeless. Again, Cory prayed, and his brother reported that Cory was glowing, and said that Grandma would be fine. She made a complete recovery.

Just recently, Amy was told that her initial belief—that deaf children are easy to raise—was not true. In fact, most present major challenges. And yet “Cory has always been a very good kid, a joy and a gift in our lives,” she said.

The whole family waits to see what will happen next.

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