Saint of the Month


St. Barnabas the Apostle

Bom around the same time as Jesus Christ, Saint Barnabas was bom into an affluent
Jewish family on the Greek island Cyprus. Barnabas was sent to the school ofGamaliel
in Jerusalem to study. Given the era of when Barnabas was living, he may have
witnessed the teachings of Christ live.
Although the exact period is unknow n, either before or after the death of Christ,
Barnabas committed himself to a devout life, starting by selling off his estate and giving
all the profits to the Church. He practiced a way of life with the other apostles by living in
a communal idea of possession and sharing of affairs.
Saul, later to be converted to Saint Paul, and Barnabas w ere introduced through Saint
Peter and spent time expanding the Church in the name of Christians through out
Antioch. Although the term Apostles of the Gentiles is normally associated w ith Saint
Paul, both Paul and Barnabas were called by God to lead, and it is also is said that they
may have been named bishops, according to Acts 13. However, they faced many
hardships during their limes of converting others who did not hold a Jewish religious
history. This led to a lurge dispute on the discussion of whether or not converted Jewish
people would be required to sustain their Jewish rites. Later, Barnabas and Paul would
finish their ministry together and go their separate ways.
In the year 61 in Salamis. Barnabas was murdered by stoning. Saint Barnabas the
apostle was known for his openness to pagans and considered as the founder of the
Cypriot Church.