Golf Fireworks

Add some fireworks to your golf games

Jerry Koncel

Wow, it is hard to believe that we are more than halfway through the year; and yet, it seems like the golf season has only just begun.  Here are a few tips to help give your golf game some fireworks for the rest of the golfing season.

Get fit—I cannot remember the last time I came home from a game of golf and didn’t simply collapse on the bed and fall asleep.  I am out of shape, and I know it affects my golf game.  More importantly, I am not alone, when it comes to being out of shape when playing golf.

The game of golf is one that requires physical stamina, mental concentration and great flexibility.  And when golfers think about ways to improve their golf games, they normally search out new clubs or get club fittings, watch new videos or video instructions, and take lessons with teaching professionals.  There is nothing wrong with these solutions, but the first thing we should is get physically fit.

I played golf with three other people this past weekend, and all four of us were tired by the 14th hole.  By the time we had made it to 18, our scores had ballooned because only one of us made a par on the last four holes.  Why?  Because we lost our concentration because we were out-of-shape.

I am not advocating one way to get physically fit.  I believe there are many ways golfers can get physically fit.  That said, most golfers, including myself, simply let ourselves go and think it does not affect our golf games.  Being in good physical shape is just not a wish; it is something all of us can achieve—and it will bring some fireworks to our golf games.

Play Mulligan Golf—Over the course of the golf season, sometimes we just get tired of playing the same courses, playing with the same people, and playing the same games (e.g., Nassau’s, team matches, etc.)  If you are interested in playing something different, try this one:  Mulligan Golf.  Here’s how to play the game.

In a typical match, the lower handicap person gives a stroke to the higher handicap player on the appropriately numbered holes.  Instead of the lower handicap person giving strokes on holes, in Mulligan Golf, the person receiving the strokes gets to hit a mulligan or a “do over” shot on that hole.  This could be a drive, an iron shot, a bunker shot, a putt. The key is that the higher handicap player takes the mulligan and the two match players now play even.

You can play Mulligan Golf in individual match play, as well as with team play.  What makes it fun is the higher handicap players always complain that they mess up one shot a hole, and it costs them.  Now, they can hit a “do over,” and sometimes it will turn out for the best, and sometimes it will simply be a repeat of the poor shot.

Play some new courses—From Wisconsin to Michigan and everywhere along the Lake Michigan shoreline, Chicagoland golfers are blessed to find some of the best public, municipal, semi-private, and private golf clubs in the world.  I do not remember who told me this and I am not sure this is correct, but a club professional once told me there are more than 150 golf courses within a 50-mile radius of downtown Chicago.

As a person who enjoys playing different golf courses, I can tell you Chicagoland golfers can play a new course every three days during the golfing season, and they will find plenty left over to play the following year.  Light up your golf games this summer by playing a new course and playing from the appropriate tees.  Golf is meant to be fun, and there is no fun in hitting hybrids into par fours all day long because you are only hitting your drives 200-220 yards.  Move up to the tees where you can hit short irons into greens on par fours.

And let me leave you with this one tip to light up your golf games this summer:  Play more golf!


Jerry Koncel is a freelance writer and editor, who has played golf for more than 50 years.  He welcomes your comments and/or questions, as well as suggestions of topics for future columns.  Send your emails to:

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