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90.7 millions Americans are 55+ and make up 28% of the population. Source: Census Bureau

People over age 50 have $2.4 trillion in annual income in the U.S., which comprised 80% of all disposable income. Source: Consumer Expenditure Survey

45% of Catholics age 50+ earn more than $50,000 per year. Source: Pew Research Center

Consumers age 50+ accounted for 57% of credit spending at hotels last year. Household spending overall makes up about 70% of economic activity. Source: Visa

Americans spent, on average, more than one-quarter of their time in leisure activities: socializing and communicating, watching TV, participating in sports, exercising, relaxing and reading.  Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, American Time Use Survey

Most Baby Boomers (99%) will take at least one leisure trip this year, with an average of five or more trips expected throughout the year. Most (51%) expect to only travel domestically, but a significant portion are hoping to travel both domestically and internationally (43%). For Baby Boomers, “bucket list” trips are the most popular motivation for an international trip. Source: AARP

The Connection readers are strong retail consumers! Baby Boomers’ (age 55+) spending power account for 42% of consumer spending. Source: USA Today

About The Connection

The Connection is a monthly, Catholic-themed publication with more than 15 dedicated columnists. Covering interesting topics, such as arts and entertainment, health and wellness, saints, angels, wine, recipes, musings, travel, money matters, current events, poems, golf, books, puzzles, coloring, and up-to-date information about churches and church events.

The Connection (formerly Senior Connection) is a monthly publication of Churchill Publications that has been providing timely and informative journalism to its Catholic readers in Northern Illinois and Wisconsin for more than 22 years.

The Connection is geared toward the 50+ age group, published for Catholic churches throughout the dioceses of Chicago, Joliet and Rockford in Illinois; Milwaukee and Madison in Wisconsin; as well as for individual subscribers and readers.


Publisher: Dennis G. Nastali
Editor-in-Chief: Julie Nastali
Assistant Editor: Joanne Duffer
Editing: Joanne C. Duffer and Jerry Koncel
Front Cover Design and Layout: Julie Nastali

Editorial Board

Rev. Scott Donahue, Rev. Terry Keehan and Fr. Tom Rzepiela

Staff Writers

Jerome Koncel, Rev. Scott Donahue, Joanne Duffer, Drusilla Banks, Cynthia MacGregor,
Paul Franson, Victor Parachin, Fred Cicetti, Joan Wester Anderson, Joseph Cuniffe, Gigi Cannon,
Tony Rossi,  Theodore Rickard, Betsa Marsh, Andrea Gross, Irv Green,  Mark Schmeltzer,
with poetry by Grace Cleys


Johnny Hawkins, Martin Bucella and Thomas Toons